Upholstery Cleaning

Quality furniture can be quite expensive.  Keeping upholstered furniture looking clean and smelling fresh is important to your health and wallet.  Justice Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Florida, Inc. cleans more than carpet and tile.  We also clean upholstered furniture.  Find out for yourself just how affordable our prices are with a free, no obligation quote 772-800-8817.

Furniture is seen as an investment.  Keeping your upholstered furniture looking great for as long as possible is important for your pocketbook.  Over time, due to use, upholstered furniture becomes covered with oils, dirt, hair, and pet dander.  This leaves your furniture looking and smelling dirty, leads to faster wear and tear, and can even be dangerous for children with allergies.

Furniture is used on a daily basis, so it is no wonder that it gets dirty so quickly.  If you have pets or children, your furniture probably is dirtier than you realize.  Give your upholstered furniture some TLC with a professional cleaning by Justice Carpet.

No matter the material of your furniture—suede, fabric, leather, microfiber—our professional team ensures that the proper cleaning process and materials are used.  We do not rush through any job, but rather take pride in making sure that your furniture is cleaned with the utmost care and patience giving you a newer looking and fresher smelling couch, loveseat, ottoman, or recliner.

To find out if your furniture can be cleaned, call Justice Carpet 772-800-8817.

Our Cleaning Process

We use the best and most modern equipment in the industry.  Our owner is IICRC certified, which means that he stays up to date on the latest cleaning products and solutions.

First, we check the tags on all pieces we are cleaning to ensure that the proper chemicals are being used.  Next, we vacuum the furniture thoroughly using a crevasse tool.  We collect all items we find deep in the cushions and return them to the owner.  Then, we test our chemicals on the back of the furniture.  Once we are sure that the material will be safe, we clean the rest of the furniture.  Finally, we apply a stain resistant protective coating to the material to provide additional protection even after we have gone.

Some Common Questions

  • Is it safe to clean my furniture?

The question should be is it safe NOT to clean your furniture?  With the buildup of dust, dirt, and pollen, if there are those in your household who suffer from allergies, not removing them from the items they sit on daily could mean the difference between an allergic reaction and clear sinuses.

  • Are the chemicals used harmful to my fabric?

No.  We ensure that all of the chemicals we use are 100% safe and effective in removing harmful pollutants that build up on your furniture.  If you are not satisfied in any way, we vow to come back and make it right.

  • Do you use the same chemicals on all types of upholstery?

No.  Different materials require a different type of cleaning solution.  For example, suede is steam cleaned, leather uses a leather cleaning chemical and a conditioner after cleaning, and fabric uses a different solution.  We also provide a service to help hide stains on leather with a dye that will match the color of the leather to hide stains.


What Our Customers Say

Click here to read what our satisfied customers say about Justice Carpet.  We pride ourselves on having all of our customers happy and satisfied.

Keeping your home and furniture clean and fresh is very important to us.


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