Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile has always been a popular flooring option in Florida.  With its cool feel and smooth texture, tile has become one of the most versatile floor coverings due to the ease of keeping it clean.  However, over time, tile can become dingy and the grout can become stained.  Using a professional tile and grout cleaner can bring your tile floor back to life.  Contact Justice Cleaning for a no obligation, free quote.

At Justice Cleaning, we clean all types of tile and grout.  From kitchens and bathrooms, to all over tiled homes, we work with pride and dedication to ensure that your tile is brought back to its former glory.  Click here to see what our satisfied customers have said about our tile and grout cleaning services.

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Our Cleaning Process

When Justice Cleaning comes into a home, we treat it like it was our own.  We do not take short cuts like many other companies, only cleaning the tile that can be seen.  We begin by removing all free standing appliances and furniture, including refrigerators, stoves, and ovens.

Next, we wipe down all the corners, nooks and crannies, and vacuum and clean all areas.  Corner guards are set in place to protect the walls.

Then we lay down or apply the proper chemicals.  Before we apply any chemicals, we thoroughly scrub the floor.  Then, once the chemicals are applied, they sit for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the tile to soak up the beneficial cleaning elements contained in the cleaners.  We take our time, cleaning only a few feel at the time to ensure that every square inch of tile is clean.

For trouble spots like stains, we use an alkaline product or grout acid to clean the porous grout.  We thoroughly remove all chemicals by using a powerful washer.  Finally, blowers are used to dry the floor completely and a sealer is added before the floor is buffed to a sparkling shine.

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Some common questions asked about tile and grout cleaning include:

  • Why should I clean my tile and grout floors?

Tile is a popular floor covering due to its durability and look.  However, over time, tile floors dull in appearance due to dirt and grime.  Tile and grout lines can become stained or discolored and mopping only pushes dirt into the grout making the floor seem old and dirty even after a good mopping.

A professional tile and grout cleaning company, like Justice Cleaning, can give a tile floor a good, deep clean that gives homeowners the peace of mind in knowing that their kitchen, bathroom, or entryway floors are really clean.  With expensive tile floors, a professional cleaning job ensures the investment and look of beautiful tile for years to come.

  • How are professional tile and grout cleanings different than a big box rental?

Knowing what type of tile is being treated and cleaned, using the proper equipment, and over 20 years of experience set Justice Cleaning apart from a DIY novice.  If tile and grout are not treated and cleaned properly, the tile can become damaged and will need to be replaced, costing the homeowner thousands of dollars.  Using a professional like Justice Cleaning, ensures that you are using the best materials in the best manner possible for your valuable tile floor.

  • Why use Justice Cleaning?

By hiring Justice Cleaning, you can same time cleaning your tile and grout.  Using a professional tile and grout cleaner, your tile floors can be restored back to their original appearance with limited time and effort on your end.  Let Justice Cleaning do all the dirty work and make your tile shine and sparkle again.

Justice Cleaning makes cleaning your tile and grout easy and stress free.


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